Bill Murray Starts a Food Truck Corral

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Bill Murray has a house in Charleston, South Carolina. Bill Murray also has a restaurant in Charleston. It's called the Rutledge Cab Company and serves breakfast all day, sandwiches, seafood, and loads of other family-friendly fare.

Bill Murray partnered with Brad Creger and Mike Veeck in the restaurant. The company's website lists the officers as:

Brad Creger - Managing Partner
Mike Veeck - Vice President of Rumors
Bill Murray - CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Now that same team is taking an empty building just down the street from their restaurant that had served as overflow parking and turning it into a standing food truck spot to be called Food Truck O'Rama.

"We'll have a full service bar in the building and provide water and electricity to food trucks," says Brad Creger. "We'll provide all the creature comforts you don't get at a food truck rodeo. The building will act as a hub for trucks to park and we'll provide bathrooms, music, and seating."

While gatherings of food trucks are not uncommon, the partners draw their inspiration for the particulars of this place from a spot even further south.

"We'd like it to be like some of the places in Austin," he says. "We also plan to have a guest truck, so any chef in the world could come and stay for a week and cook their food," Creger says.

Bill Murray and team plan to have four trucks at any given time at the stand. They want to have a coffee truck in the morning, and more possibilities for lunch and dinner.

The movie Chef, starring John Favreau, brought the food truck craze to the big screen last year. City after city has gotten on board, taking good food into neighborhoods that may not have commercial space suitable for businesses.

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