Bill Murray Does Peter Pan on 'Letterman'

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Bill Murray flew on to the Late Show With David Letterman stage on Friday in full Peter Pan regalia.

"I'm flying…Look at me way up high, thinking I'm going to die," Murray sang. "I want to see what a lovely thing I am to see. I'm flying."

It was a bit reminiscent of his role in the 1991 comedy What About Bob, where he was attached to the front of a sailboat exclaiming, "I'm sailing!"

Murray decided that if Carrie Underwood could star as Maria in The Sound of Music, that surely he could star on TV as Peter Pan.

When David Letterman asked Bill why he was dressed as Peter Pan--once he was safely back on the floor--the actor replied as follows.

"First – I love to fly. And second, there's been a big thing, this Carrie Underwood. She did The Sound of Music," he said. "I feel that this is my moment. They are talking about restaging Peter Pan, and I think I'm the guy."

Following Murray's Peter Pan stint he complained to Letterman about his beard, so the late night host shaved it off for him. The two went on to chat about the Super Bowl with Bill Murray saying he had tickets and mocking those who feared and complained about the cold weather--noting that he is from Illinois.

"You're urine freezes in Illinois'. This is nothing," he quipped.

One would expect the role of Peter Pan would be filled by someone a bit slighter in stature than Bill Murray. Cathy Rigby played Peter Pan on Broadway. She definitely is significantly smaller than the former SNL funny man.

NBC is actually planning for a live airing of Peter Pan next December--the way they aired The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood this past December. The live broadcast is slated for December 4, 2014.

Do you think Bill Murray has a shot at the lead?

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