Bill Gates Sees Windows 8 As The Future Of PCs

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Windows 8 has been controversial to say the least. It seems there are more naysayers everyday as we move closer to its launch this Friday. The operating system does have its fans, however, as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen wrote a lengthy and in depth review of the OS earlier this month. Now the other more famous co-founder has delivered his thoughts on the OS.

Bill Gates, the face of Microsoft for more than 20 years and current chairman, has taken a break from building the toilet of the future to talk up Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface. The video is obviously a bit of advertising since Gates is still widely respected in many circles, but the man does have some very interesting things to say about the future of the company that he helped create.

As expected, Gates loves Windows 8. He sees the OS as the future of the PC platform. He says that Windows 8 combines the best of classic natural interfaces such as mouse and keyboard with the future of touch, voice and gesture-based control mechanisms.

As for the Surface, he got one of the first devices off of the assembly line. He says that he's been using it constantly and showing it off to everybody that he meets. He hopes that people will become a fan of the device after they're able to play around with the snap-on keyboard.

As with any person who is personally invested in a company, their comments can usually be taken with a grain of salt. Fortunately, that tends to not be the case with people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they speak candidly about the successes and failures of the companies they helped create. It's rather refreshing to hear it compared to the PR speak that you hear from so many other executives.

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