Bill Cowher Calls Steelers Defense Soft


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Bill Cowher, former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, doesn't criticize the Steelers often, but when he does criticize them, it's for good reason.

He recently talked about the Steelers and their defense and said that he thinks it is a bit soft and could use some work.

“I never thought I would say these words,” former coach Bill Cowher said on CBS-TV, “But Pittsburgh has gotten soft.” He called them “finesse on offense, soft on defense.”

Cowher was upset with the team after they lost to the rival Cleveland Browns on Sunday and he wasn't the only one disappointed in the way the team played.

Hines Ward also had a few things to say about the team and their defense.

“They’re very close to hitting that panic button … The defense looks soft. Guys are just able to run the ball up and down the field. I look at their personnel; they can’t cover anybody in the secondary. Offensively, I thought I’d never say it, but the Steelers are a finesse offense right now. I don’t even know who these guys are,” Ward said.

Heath Miller agreed that the defense may need some work but said that he felt that the offense was doing really well and that they seem to play better under pressure.

“We’re searching for answers,” Miller said. “Obviously, we have to execute better down there. All we can do is try to execute the plays we’re given the best we can, and that should be our focus in this locker room.”

Ike Taylor disagreed and said that the team has been in worse situations and that last year they were in a similar situation, but didn't panic.

“Nah, I don’t. What we went through last year, when we were 0-4, and there was no panic. There was a sense of urgency, if anything. I don’t see any panic button,” Taylor said.

Do you think the Steelers need to work on their defense and is their offense as good as they think it is?