Bill Cosby And NBC: New Show In The Works

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Bill Cosby has signed on with NBC to develop a new 30-minute family sitcom. Fans of the Huxtables and their wholesome values can rejoice! Perhaps Bill Cosby can add something nice to the mix of shows that he isn't really impressed with at the moment.

"I haven't really been impressed with anything, because I'm 76 and 11/12ths years old,” Cosby admitted. “And I just don't have a feeling to want to turn on the TV.”

Cosby said in a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that the show will be a multigenerational show and that it will be "wonderful".

He also said of the show in a different interview, "I would love to lay out some of those wonderful thoughts that I have now (on parenting, families and marriage). People who I meet in the airport keep asking me: 'When are you going to come back?'."

Apparently it won't be too long.

Bill Cosby said that a father recently told him that "when I saw Theo and Cliff and Clair, I laughed so hard. Now I'm a parent, and I'm still laughing as hard, but I'm on the other side of the table".

Aren't we all? Those of us who watched and appreciated the Cosbys when we were teens and younger will surely get valuable life lessons from the other side of the table in Cosby's new show.

He says he even has his wardrobe ready. So, weird sweaters, then?

He points out that his new show will be different than what we normally see on T.V. these days.

"People say they love each other (on TV), they say they're married and these things, but the way they talk to each other, it doesn't sound like it. I don't see anybody kissing! And the children are still a pain in the neck, with parents being afraid to say something to them," he said.

Unfortunately, fans may have to wait. The show has been put on NBC's "off-season development track," which means the show wasn't being developed for the fall TV season announced in May, but hopefully it will be on TV soon.

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