Bill Clinton Is Really Doing Twitter Now. For Real.

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42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton appears to be using Twitter at his own behest.

As you may remember, earlier this month Stephen Colbert kind of sort of forced the former president to join Twitter. At a Clinton Global Initiative forum, Colbert created a profile for Clinton and tweeted out his first tweet for him. The account was @PrezBillyJeff, and it was that because Colbert couldn't find any other username that was open. There sure are a lot of parody Bill Clinton Twitter accounts out there.

Now, it looks like Clinton has wrangled one of those handles away from its previous owner - the most obvious one too. Clinton's Twitter account now resides at @BillClinton. He's verified too, with approaching 300,000 followers.

In the past few hours, Clinton has sent out a couple of tweets. Before today, he hadn't tweeted since April 6th, and that wasn't really him in the first place.

Both of his new tweets reference Colbert, and one says that he's excited to join his daughter, Chelsea, on Twitter.

Does this mean that he's planning on doing some real tweeting? We can only hope. And let's also hope that he gets some replies and retweets. As he said when Colbert first signed him up, "there's nothing worse than a friendless Tweeter."

I don't think he'll have any problems making an impact on the site.

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