"Biggest Brown-Noser" Superlative Starts Wikipedia War

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"Biggest Brown-Noser" may not be the superlative you want to win in high school, but if you have a good enough sense of humor, it's not that big a deal. However, when you run for a government office later in life, it's a very big deal. Now that Paul Ryan is officially Mitt Romney's running mate, he's getting a lot of attention, and his Wikipedia page has not been spared.

That page is garnering some controversy today, as fans and detractors alike have taken to it in an epic battle over the "brown-nosing" bit. Obviously, Ryan's supporters don't want it to be included in his bio, and have removed it from the page. But others were elated to discover he was voted in to such a dubious title and were so irritated that it was removed, they took it upon themselves to change it back. Now, the page has been revised hundreds of times, and although the info isn't showing up at the moment, that doesn't mean it won't change.

Of course, though something like this is excellent fodder for the media, it wouldn't carry so much weight if Romney's campaign hadn't been dogged by several gaffes and embarrassing slip-ups. And Romney can't seem to shake the nerves when he's in front of a podium, even making a mistake during the crucial running-mate announcement.

Amanda Crum
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