Buxom Beer Wench Graces Ladies' Room at Twitter HQ

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When your company is under fire for its lack of women in leadership roles, and your CEO makes a pretty ill-advised response to said criticism, the last thing you want to be doing is promoting anything - anything that could be perceived as even borderline sexist, misogynistic, or any other type of -ist, -ism, or -istic.

Twitter engineering manager Jill Wetzler tweeted this photo of a sign she found in the women's restroom at Twitter HQ. Hashtag facepalm indeed.

I mean, it's probably just advertising some social gathering for engineers. Hey, it is Oktoberfest at Twitter HQ...

And it's just a dumb sign. But given that Twitter's IPO filing shone a light on the fact that Twitter's board, investors, and most of the officers are all men? Well, let's just say it's pretty poor timing.

Image via Jill Wetzler, Twitter

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