Beyonce's Partition: It May Be Her Sexiest Video Yet


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When Beyonce released her self-entitled visual album at the close of 2013, many noticed a slight change in the singer and in the material she presented.

Prior to the visual album, the pop star had a few risque songs, but for the most part her cuts were fairly tame and focused more on love, relationships, and having a good time.

However, this project is different, as songs like Drunk in Love show a side of Beyonce that we all just got glimpses of, which is sort of a bad girl who doesn't mind talking about sex in a very direct way.

The best example of this new Beyonce is on the song Partition, which seems to be the next official single from the visual album, since the video is just now going viral.

In the song and video, the 32 year old doesn't pull any punches when it comes to openly talking about having sex in back of a limousine, and there's absolutely no subtly in the overall presentation of the video.

It begins with Beyonce sitting across from her significant other at breakfast and it seems she's having some sort of sexual fantasy about him. From there, the video flashes between performance shots and the singer having a physical encounter with her husband Jay Z, which is why she asks the driver to roll up the partition so he can't see what's going on in back of the limo.

And it's not just the lyrical content and suggestive imagery that makes the video so sexy, Beyonce also sports all types of proactive clothing, including a body-hugging black mini dress and a glittery leotard type of outfit with a thong a bottom. Again, the singer pulls out all of the sexy stops and seems to be totally okay with showing more of her body these days.

Clearly, out of all the songs on the new album Partition is the most in your face, and it doesn't seem like Beyonce cares anymore about ruffling feathers or losing her image as America's sweetheart. It'll be interesting to see if she keeps this new racy image or if she goes back to being a little more tame.

Image via YouTube