Beyonce Knowles: Living Apart From Jay-Z Offstage?

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Beyonce Knowles went apartment hunting recently. The fact that Jay-Z was not with her at the time led to a flurry of speculation that the two of them are preparing to separate.

Despite the couple's repeated declarations of love and togetherness onstage, an increasing number of pop culture-loving onlookers and gossip news sites just aren’t buying it.

It seems the focus is what the two are like offstage rather than while performing.

The apartment shopping is one thing, but now the rumor is that Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t even staying together during their On The Run tour.

US Weekly released an exclusive report claiming that a source close to Jay-Z said that the two of them spent several nights apart in New York and Los Angeles. The same source also indicated that the two are avoiding each other offstage.

With the 32-year-old pop diva allegedly looking for apartments in the Chelsea area of New York City “with no Jay-Z in sight”, these claims only add to the speculation that we are witnessing the last days of a music power couple.

As Beyonce may (or may not have) hinted in her recent “**Flawless” remix, there is a lot of money at stake.

The On The Run tour has earned the pair a staggering $100 million. And it’s not even finished yet.

The amount of money associated with their franchise is speculated at close to $1 billion—a lot of money and property to divide between the two of them if a divorce DID happen.

It seems that much of the gossip surrounding the state of Beyonce’s marriage hinges on the excitement of watching the once “picture perfect” couple fall apart rather than any concrete evidence that the two intend to separate.

One insider told US Weekly that the rumors are a load of garbage, declaring that “they are happy” together.

Beyonce Knowles married her 44-year-old husband back in 2008.

Image via Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Instagram

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