Beyonce And Jay-Z: Divorce Rumors Continue

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When it comes to Beyonce and Jay-Z, it seems everyone wants to know if they're staying together.

Are they happy or is the famous pair just a stone’s throw away from starting divorce proceedings?

The Knowles-Carters' take on the situation is that they’re a couple that has their difficulties just like anyone else, but they are happy to stay together.

That’s apparently why they came up with the idea of successful On The Run tour and that’s why the couple have frequently been photographed with their daughter Blue Ivy. This includes a recent indoor kart racing adventure.

Little Blue seems to be the glue that holds the family together, the final piece of the puzzle to the celebrity pair's visual expression of contentment.

That visual representation of a happy marriage and family life would once upon a time have not been questioned.

Just one elevator fight later and the “perfect couple” image is gone; with it went any belief in a happy marriage involving Beyonce and Jay-Z.

With the American leg of the On The Run tour wrapping up, it’s widely speculated that the couple have come to the end of their hugely profitable relationship.

US Weekly claims in an alleged exclusive that they know for certain that the next step is a breakup.

The magazine claims that a source informed them that the 32-year-old singer is already inching towards the exit. The insider said that “she is done” once the tour wraps up in France.

After this, the source claims Beyonce will leave her 44-year-old husband. Of course the question now, if this is true, is what becomes of their two-year-old daughter?

Celebrity splits tend to be hard enough when it’s just a matter of money and property. Beyonce claimed close to a billion dollars in her recent “**Flawless” remix.

That’s a lot of cash to divide, but it's far less problematic than the matter of what happens to young Blue.

If the couple are really headed towards a divorce, one can only hope what’s best for their very young daughter is taken into consideration.

Still, this remains heavy speculation. For all the claims of an “imminent” divorce, we’ve yet to see any definite proof a divorce is on the way.

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Image via Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Instagram

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