Beyoncé Accused of Photoshopping Thigh Gap

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The gorgeous Beyoncé loves showing off her bodacious bod on her Instagram account. Wether the babe is sharing pictures from concerts or vacations, the focal point of the photos always fall on the Queen. (And we're not complaining!)

But recently, Blue Ivy's mom has been under some intense scrutiny over a certain Instagram photo she shared with her many followers.

The photo of Beyoncé was published just yesterday. In the shot, you can see her leaning over a putter on a golf course lined with palm trees. She's sporting striped, high-waisted bikini bottoms with a bright, solid bikini top.

While the suit is adorable, it seems that people can only seem to focus on the look of Beyoncé's thin thighs. Some viewers are even claiming the photo was photoshopped in order to enhance and create a "thigh gap."

One Instagram user said, "do you agree this thigh gap was edited? I know her body is amazing but it really does appear edited!!!!"

Some Instagram users claimed the pic was altered while others are saying it's the positioning of her body that's created the slimmed-down look.

Another user said, "her legs are separated and she's leaning over. that'll give anyone a "gap". try it!"

Shortly after posting the first photo, she went to Instagram to post yet another bikini shot. This time, it was from the side without any "thigh gap" present. The focus is on her booty rather than her thighs.

What do you think about the photo? Did Bey alter it in order to achieve a sleeker look or is it just the angle of the shot? What's your take on the "thigh gap" epidemic?

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