Betty White Turns 91! A Look At Her Best Moments

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Betty White is not just the sole remaining Golden Girl; she's not just the raunchy funny lady who made us laugh on "Mama's Family" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"; she's not just an animal rights advocate who likes to play pranks on people. She's all of those things and much, much more.

As she celebrates her 91st birthday today, let's take a look back at some of the more awesome, funny, touching, and blush-worthy moments of her career. Happy birthday Betty! Shine on, you crazy diamond.

That time she made a "That's not what your girlfriend says" joke in a commercial

That time she got drunk with Letterman

Every time she was onscreen during "The Golden Girls"

When she played Eve to Carson's Adam

When she called Sandra Bullock "plain" in her acceptance speech

Just, this

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