Betty White: 93-Year-Old Comedy Legend Lip-Locks With Hollywood Hottie Bradley Cooper

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Betty White made sure that her appearance during the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special was one to remember when she started making out with hottie Bradley Cooper.

The 93-year-old Golden Girls star appeared as a guest on The Californians sketch along with Taylor Swift, who played a hair-eating cousin, and Scandal’s Kerry Washington who played the doctor with the hilarious paternity-test results. Sketch regulars Kristin Wiig and Fred Armisen reprised their characters during their short comeback on the SNL Stage. The Hangover star Bradley Cooper then emerged out of the backstage wearing a blonde wig and a pair of short shorts. Cooper played Craig the pool boy in the 9-minute sketch that went overboard when White locked lips with Cooper.

The crowd went wild as the two shared a passionate kiss that lasted long until the sketch ended. The internet was on fire as #SNL40 became a trending topic.  Fans were insanely jealous over the fact that White made out with one of the sexiest men alive and some are saying how they want to be Betty White when they turn 90.

Betty White has a eight decade-spanning career in Hollywood, making her one of the greatest comedy legends living today. She became the oldest person to guest host on Saturday Night Live and her episode was considered to be a major ratings success. She even won the Primetime Emmy award for her SNL guest appearance.

The entire special ran for more than three hours and the event had a bunch of A-listers in attendance. Aside from White and Cooper, stars like Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Hanks, and Paul McCartney were also present during the show. Former cast members like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Eddie Murphy made cameos during the event, paying tribute to the program that helped launch their careers in comedy.

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