Bethesda Teases Mystery Game Again, It's Still Not Fallout 4


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Earlier this week, Bethesda teased its next game via Vine. Fans speculated it was Fallout 4 as work on Skyrim has now been completed. Bethesda says that's not the case, and its latest Vine teaser seems to suggest they're telling the truth on this one.

Over the past two days, Bethesda has posted two more Vine teasers on its Twitter feed:

As you can see, both of the above teasers look nothing like Fallout. If anything, it's looking more and more like Bethesda is finally ready to reveal Zwei, a game from horror mastermind Shinji Mikami.

As the latest teaser reveals, we'll find out more about the publisher's next game tomorrow on IGN. It would be kind of hilarious if Zwei was Fallout 4 in disguise. That's not to say Fallout fans should expect anything though. We're probably still at least a year off from an announcement.