Bethenny Frankel Is Happy The Talk Show Didn't Work Out

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Bethenny Frankel announced around Valentine's Day that her talk show had been cancelled, it was understood that she was sad to be moving on after just one season. It would have been a hard blow to anyone, but for a perfectionist like Frankel, the news seemed especially harsh. However, she recently said that the chance to take a break and move on from something that wasn't working out like she'd planned will be nice.

"I am relieved," she wrote on her blog. "What I really want right now is to be with my daughter, to do yoga, to focus on [her product line] Skinnygirl and my writing, and to give myself a break...Unlike my time on Bravo, I felt a bit diluted, filtered and somewhat constricted. I am a free spirit. I am more comfortable in my natural surroundings and in a setting where I'm surrounded by crazy, where anything goes and where I can be authentically me. When interviewed about the show, I always said that it could only work if I was true to myself and only if it was genuinely a good fit and marriage which it turned out not to be."

Frankel, who has been battling an ugly divorce for a while now, says she's tired of the struggle and needs a rest; she also gave a shoutout to some of the most popular names in the daytime talk business, saying she admires their ability to make the job look easy.

"As easy as people like Ellen, Oprah, Wendy, Rachael and Steve make it look, it is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done, and I have so much more respect for them having been through this experience. They are warriors and champions who make a very difficult job look effortless," she wrote.

According to gossip site RadarOnline, however, Frankel was unhappy with Ellen DeGeneres and her failure to live up to a promise she made regarding getting big names to appear on the show.

“During Bethenny’s trial run, DeGeneres pulled some strings and got Justin Bieber to come on. DeGeneres’ former booker is now working for Bethenny but he’s been unable to get Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow or Miley Cyrus. The big name celebrities don’t want to go on a talk show hosted by a former Bravo housewife. It’s causing major drama behind the scenes of Frankel’s show, which is struggling in the ratings," a source said.

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