Best Tablets For That Special Someone On Your Holiday Shopping List

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Tablet computers have brought a whole new definition to the word "convenient;" they have the mobility and ease of accessibility of a smart phone, but also embrace the clarity and versatility of a laptop computer. Tablet computers are useful for people of all ages and interests; a tablet computer can be just as helpful to an elementary school child learning multiplication as it would be to a business professional traveling between meetings, or a busy college kid juggling multiple assignments and papers during finals week (much like this writer). As the Christmas season draws near, the hype over tablet computers seems to intensify, as the versatility attributed to the devices makes them the perfect gift for almost everyone on a potential shopping list. Just what tablets are the best, and for who, though?

Luckily, multiple spots around the net have taken it upon themselves to come up with definitive lists, showcasing the best of the best that the tablet market has to offer. The folks over at i4u news published a list aptly titled, "The Best Tablets to buy as Holiday Gifts." They list prices alongside their top thirteen picks, and even include a few tablets made especially for children. Prices range from as cheap as $63 to as extravagant as almost $500.

Yahoo news also released a guide to the "Best 7 Inch Tablets of 2013," and included selections from all the major providers, including Apple, Google, and Amazon. The list suggests tablets based on their "performance, display and usability," and includes such big-name items as the Kindle Fire, the iPad Mini, and the Nexus 7.

Tablets certainly do make a great gift for almost any person on your shopping list, and as they become more widely available, the possibility of picking up a tablet for even the most tricky of gift recipients becomes a more and more realistic option. So, tell us, WebProNews readers; are you planning on snagging a Tablet for yourself or someone else this holiday season? What would you consider the best tablet?

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