Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride: Campaign Funds Investigated

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A North Carolina man has been arrested on charges of murder and assault with a deadly weapon after stabbing a friend and the friend's wife, who died from her wounds.

Jonathan Broyhill, who was best man in the couple's wedding in 2009, attacked Nation Hahn and Jamie Kirk Hahn in their home on Monday night before turning the knife on himself. He was treated for his wounds and now faces serious charges, and police are investigating a possible motive.

Broyhill worked with Jamie Hahn at her company, Sky Blue Strategies, which dealt with high-profile Democratic candidates. Investigators say they've found large discrepancies in the amounts of funds paid out to donors in the form of refunds; $8,250 was given by those donors in 2012 but a document shows they allegedly received $15,900 in return. Whether that money ever made it back to them is under investigation.

“Some of the things that Jonathan said about the campaign finances were inconsistent with other information,” former Democratic Rep. Brad Miller said. “It’s probably the case that Jamie was asking questions on behalf of the campaign about campaign finances. I think it’s bound to be part of the investigation of Jon’s motive.”

Jamie's family released a statement regarding her death:

“It is our fervent hope that an even larger community will be inspired now by the way she lived her life,” the family said. “She dedicated her life and her work to the ideal that we were put on this earth to care for those who need an extra measure of care. She believed in justice, opportunity and fairness for all. She loved politics and she saw the Democratic Party as the path to realize her ideals. She had a gift for bringing us together – black and white, young and old, gay and straight. She challenged us to work together for a better world. Her light will shine on in all of us who knew and loved her.”

Amanda Crum
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