Best Dating Sites For All Lifestyles


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Twelve days until the best day of the year-- or not, if you're single with no prospects. Avoid being the one who has to politely smile at couples floating by on their wings of love on Valentine's Day by getting your own date.

If you feel like you've pretty much checked out all the talent in your area and want something more, a dating site can be the answer for your boredom. Add the additional benefits of not having to leave your house and wear your good clothes to impress a potential date, and you'll understand why online dating sites are all of the rage right now.

There is something for everyone in this wide world on the online scene, and here are the top three:

eHarmony uses a thorough screening service to make sure that you are privy to the best matches. With a high satisfactory rate and numerous marriage success stories, eHarmony has been the go-to online dating site for many. One thing to look out for, however, is users providing fake information. While eHarmony uses a patented scientific personality screener, you still might have to test a person out in real life to see if it all adds up.
It's pretty obvious what provides if you sign up for their dating services. features gay men in your area and more that fit your likes and interests. It boasts itself as being the largest online community of gay men, and also provides a thorough news feed of all LGBT-related news. They focus on the non-harassment of their users and stress a feel-good, comfortable environment.

Christian Connection
Tip: Do not post up sensual half-naked on this site. You don't have to prove your Christian devoutness to sign up for this dating site, but you have to show a common courtesy to users who may take their beliefs a bit more seriously than you do. Christian Connection focuses on providing relationships of the more wholesome, long-term variety; if you are looking for a quick hookup, this probably won't be the site for you.

So, hurry up! Clean your webcam lens and throw a great shirt over that tattered "house shirt" and find the date of your dreams just in time for Valentine's Day. With a few clicks of a button, you just might find the girl or guy of your dreams. Feel free to share your past dating site success/ disaster stories here.

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