Best Data Plans Challenged by New Sprint Offering

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AT&T and Verizon are sitting content at the top of the U.S. mobile industry, but other carriers are continuing to bring competitive prices and services to the sector. The new moves are an attempt by both Sprint and T-Mobile to pilfer customers from other carriers now that there are few potential first-time mobile customers left in the U.S.

Sprint recently announced a new "Unlimited Plan" that costs only $60 per month. The plan offers customers unlimited voice, texting, and data on Sprint's LTE network. This is in keeping with the "unlimited" marketing message that Sprint has held to for more than one year now.

The new deal is aimed directly at competing with T-Mobile, Sprint's closest competitor in the mobile arena. In its announcement, Sprint pointed out that the new Unlimited Plan is $20 less expensive than T-Mobile's lowest-priced plan with unlimited data. Sprint also emphasized that neither Verizon nor AT&T offer plans with unlimited data.

“People know Sprint for Unlimited,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We have long been the leader in offering customers unlimited data and that leadership continues today with our new $60 unlimited plan. Unlimited talk, text, and data for $60 is the best unlimited postpaid plan available. And, we’ve listened to our loyal customers; we’re making the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan available to both new and existing customers.”

Sprint's focus on competing with T-Mobile might seem odd, since rumors are still swirling that a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could come sometime this year. However, T-Mobile is trying just as hard to claw its way out of fourth place in the U.S. mobile market, potentially increasing its value for those acquisition talks. T-Mobile has been rolling out its LTE network throughout the U.S. over the past year and can now offer LTE data to over 230 million Americans.

T-Mobile today announced that it is lowering its price for extra data on its "Simple Starter" plans. Customers who currently get 500MB of data along with unlimited voice and texting for $40 will be able to raise their data cap to 2GB for $5 more per month starting on September 3.

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