Benefits of Digital Food Menus [Infographic]

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There are new menu labeling laws that are expected to go into effect for 2012 that will require restaurants to display nutritional content for all their menu items. Because this is such a wealth of information it has management and owners scrambling to come up with unique solutions to the challenge. It's definitely not wise to overwhelm customers with too much information at the point of purchase, but at the same time consumers are entitled to know what they are about to put into their bodies.

One efficient way to mange the data would be to provide digital menu where the information is available, but doesn't overwhelm the aesthetics of the ordering menu. This next inforgraphic from hopes to reveal the great utility and value a digital menu can have for both the customer and the business.

Think about it. The ability to update, revise, and refine the menu with the click of a button is an innovative way to save money, keep the customer well informed, and also eliminate the waste associated with creating new menus and disposing of the old. Not to mention increased customer satisfaction and the ability to improve order accuracy. Take a look at what QSR came up with and I think you'll agree that digital menus are both innovative and an inevitability for the future.

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