Benedict Cumberbatch's Deleted Scene from Star Trek Into Darkness


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Before he leaves the shores of the Star Trek franchise to takeover the upcoming Star Wars sequel, J.J. Abrams is having to do a little bit of damage control with his latest installment for the universe Gene Roddenberry created. The hubbub surrounds what is being deemed as a gratuitous shot of the striking Alice Eve while she was changing uniforms, which can seen here:


Apparently, showing a woman's body while galloping around the cosmos is frowned upon, isn't that right, Orion Slave Girl? The Alice Eve kerfuffle has, however, introduced a deleted scene from Star Trek Into Darkness, which came to light while Abrams was on the Conan O'Brien show discussing the "controversy" around Eve's revealing attire (Conan approved of the scene, by the way). During his interview, Abrams pointed that Kirk/Christopher Pine also appeared in the movie without his shirt, and the director had done that with the idea of it being a trade off between that and Alice Eve's popular scene.

From here, the deleted scene in question--which features the movie's antagonist, Benedict Cumberbatch, taking a shower--was brought and shown by Conan:

For those of you who don't feel like listening the conversation, the scene in question shows up at the 1:30 mark, so you can either fast forward the video, or click here to see the movie's villain in all of his shirtless, dripping wet glory.

So, do two shots of shirtless guys make up for one scene of Alice Eve in underwear? Granted, Cumberbatch's scene wasn't in the movie, but now that it's hit the web, it won't be hard to find.