Ben Stiller Learns Why Joan Rivers Didn't Like Him, Howard Stern Spills

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Ben Stiller never knew why Joan Rivers didn't like him--until recently. Howard Stern was the one to explain things to the Zoolander 2 star, and Stiller is saddened that the opportunity to make things right with the comedienne is lost.

According to a report from People magazine, Ben Stiller appeared on Howard Stern's radio show on Wednesday and both Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers laid it out for him.

"She says you ignored her on the red carpet," Quivers told Stiller.

"Oh, is that what it is?" Ben Stiller replied, with a tone that suggested he truly hadn't known the reason before. "This is helping me, because I didn't understand why she didn't like me."

Howard Stern told Ben Stiller that Joan Rivers repeatedly dissed him when she appeared on Stern's radio show. Stiller explained that he was even more baffled about her disdain for him because she was such great friends with his parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.

Stern told Stiller that Joan Rivers' friendship with his parents served only to 'add fuel to the fire.'

"She'd say, 'Howard, I'm friends with Ben's mother. And Ben should say hello to me' ... she was really ticked that you wouldn't say hello to her," Howard Stern said.

"See, this makes it all clear to me now," Ben Stiller replied. "I don't remember that happening, but I'm sure it did."

Ben Stiller no doubt feels terrible learning that Joan Rivers' dislike of him was something she perceived as one thing, but he was completely unaware of. How sad that he didn't find out sooner so he could have done something to mend fences with the Fashion Police star.

"She was great, and I feel bad that we never got to work that out," he said. "It's sad."

Perhaps the situation between Ben Stiller and Joan Rivers can teach everyone a lesson. Making amends before it's too late to do so leaves everyone with a brighter perspective and a far more peaceful feeling in their hearts and their minds.

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