Ben Affleck: Is Gambling Getting out of Hand?

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It may be getting a bit worrisome that Ben Affleck is spending so much time gambling these past few months.

And it looks like his wife, Jennifer Garner, is not relishing his time away from family to indulge in his favorite pastime.

According to Star magazine, the Batman v. Superman actor's latest gambling obsession has started to upset Garner, leading her to cancel a planned family trip to Detroit over the summer.

“Jen canceled her trip. She just doesn’t want to be Ben’s enabler or babysitter,” said a source. “She was absolutely mortified about the Las Vegas incident, and everything has really gone downhill since then.

Garner is allegedly infuriated with the Argo actor because he reportedly stays up all night betting thousands and then he sleeps all day.

“She’s completely distraught over Ben’s problems," said the source. "It’s a never-ending roller coaster."

This comes two months after the Oscar-winner was banned from blackjack tables by several Las Vegas casinos for card counting.

On May 31, the 41-year-old actor was spotted at Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino in Windsor, Ontario, not looking his best.

“Ben walked in and went straight to the card games,” said an eyewitness. “His hair was a disaster, and he looked like a mess! He sat down and played for roughly 20 minutes before security heard he was there. They made the dealers stop what they were doing and asked him to leave. Ben seemed pretty mad.”

Another eyewitness at MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit noticed Affleck on May 24 during the same trip.

“It took me a minute to realize it was Ben Affleck,” the second eyewitness told Star. “He looked disheveled and upset while sitting there gambling. He seemed really frazzled like he had just lost a ton of money. He was smoking a cigarette and his head was down in his arms. When he sat up his eyes looked bloodshot, like he’d been there all night!”

Affleck checked into rehab in 2001 for an addiction to alcohol, but fell off the wagon nine years later. His latest habit raises the question whether he may need to seek treatment once again for a gambling addiction.

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