Bella Thorne Wears Candie's Perfume Because Gregg Sulkin Likes It

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Bella Thorne is her own woman, but she also knows what her man likes. When asked about her beauty regiman and what perfume she likes, Bella Thorne said, “I like the Wildfox fragrance, Princess Vera Wang and the Candie’s fragrance. The boys really like the Candie’s fragrance. Gregg really, really likes that one because it’s very sweet.”

Bella Thorne has talked at length about her relationship with Gregg Sulkin and how she feels about his family. Last month she recounted an incident at the movies with Gregg and his family.

“He is a very caring person," Bella Thorne insists. "Even when he doesn’t have to be, he is no matter what.”

“For instance, we went to the movies with his mom and his dad. It was my first time meeting them an the fire alarm when off in the middle of the movie! It was so weird and crazy. And I’ve never had that happen, so everybody rushed out and there was this woman crying, her daughter was crying and in a wheelchair,” Bella Thorne continued.

“He sent me off with his mom, so him and his father could go help this woman in the wheelchair. Those small things that are just so thoughtful and nobody would help her. It was just him and his dad and they took like 45 minutes to take her down. They’re just such good people.”

As for her misadventures in personal care, Bella Thorne admits, “I’m terrible [at braiding]. To be honest, I do not know how to do my hair. I just go out with it either blow-dried or with my natural wave, and I don’t do anything to it.”

“I used to go to bed without washing my face. I’m very lazy,” she admits. “My makeup artist Amy Oresman gave me this trick: Put makeup wipes under your pillow, so any time you [lay down], you hear that little crunchy [noise] and you’re forced to take them out and use them on your face,”

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