Beer (Lots of It) May Help You Stave Off Colds

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Good news, everyone: next time you drink a case of beer and awaken in your front yard, smelling of strip clubs and Taco Bell, you can just tell everyone that you did it for your health.

Researchers at Sapporo Medical University in Japan (yes, that Sapporo) have determined that a chemical found in beer may help protect against a common virus that could give you one of those crappy winter colds.

It's called human respiratory syncytial virus and is one of the major causes of lower respiratory infection in babies and younger kids. Most kids will have been infected at some point before they turn four years old. But it's not only small children that are affected by RSV, as adults can develop cold-like symptoms from the virus. If you live in a temperate (non-tropical climate), you're most likely to contract the virus during the winter.

The scientists says that humulone, aka the thing in hops that makes your beer deliciously bitter, can help stave off RSV.

In summarion, your babies need to get blitzed.

Ok, not really. But who am I to tell you have to raise your kid? The researchers know most parents don't want to start their babies on the sauce that early, and they tell the AFP:

"We are now studying the feasibility of applying humulone to food or non-alcoholic products. The challenge really is that the bitter taste is going to be difficult for children.

In reality, it's you that could benefit from drinking more beer. The only problem is that they say you'll need to drink about 30 beers in order to benefit from the humulone (no word on whether or not hoppier beers would cut that number).

Wait, did I say "problem?" I meant challenge accepted. No more colds for this guy.

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