Becky G Recalls How The Salvation Army Helped Her Struggling Family

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Becky G performed Saturday night at the 2014 Rock The Red Kettle Concert Hosted By The Salvation Army held at L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

It was a meaningful performance for the Can't Stop Dancin singer because, as she recalls, organizations like The Salvation Army helped her struggling family when times were tough.

“Growing up, my family struggled to make ends meet, so I know how important organizations like The Salvation Army are for families to lean on in times of need,” the 17-year-old singer shared in a statement.

Becky encouraged others to get involved in helping those less fortunate.

“I want my fans to understand that what you put into the universe is what you get back. Giving back is the right thing to do, whether it’s donating clothing or even just a smile to someone who needs it. I am honored to be performing to help raise awareness, and I’m excited to see the other #RedKettleReasons from my fans.”

Becky shared her story and what giving back means to the young singer in an article she wrote for the Huffington Post on Nov. 25.

"My parents showed me what it means to be selfless. Despite the stress and the sleepless nights they thought we didn't know about, they never broke down," she wrote. "They always found ways to keep us happy. We couldn't go to the mall, but they would take us to The Salvation Army and let us get football warm-ups for my brother, new toys, a bike, or other treasures people had generously donated. Aunts, uncles, and other relatives went out of their way to give us hand-me-downs and meals. My parents even made the sacrifice to give me voice lessons and put me in dance classes."

According to The Salvation Army's website, "Rock the Red Kettle raises awareness of The Salvation Army’s 124th annual Red Kettle Campaign, the oldest charitable fundraiser of its kind in the United States. Money raised during the campaign helps the Army serve nearly 30 million of America’s most vulnerable through an array of social services including food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and toys for children."

Pam Wright