Beats Headphones: What's Next?

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Remember these? At first glance they seem to be a genuine knockoff of our current futuristic Beats headphones by Dre. But they're not. As a matter of fact, that photo should take many back to a time when snickers were heard when the latest model was worn by a neighbor.

It would be a good day if a person were able to use their equipment without having to find a signal or a set of batteries.Analog was your best friend. Your first best friend before you even new better ones existed. But as you got older, you realized you deserved more out of the relationship.

The demand became higher and it seems that Beats by Dre has been trying to answer. Besides style and fashion, Beats not only brings adaptive noise cancellation, a standard rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth, coming January, Beats by Dre will be streaming music!

Definitely a far cry from dial-in clarity, AM/FM capabilities, and the necessity to have constant access to AA batteries. But how far are we willing to go? 25 years ago we decided that information and entertainment access while mobile was a necessity and out came sports Walkmans. But that's wasn't enough and even though companies expanded on those headphones giving them MP3 capabilities and so forth, it still wasn't enough. It will never be enough.

The developer of Beats are well aware of the bottomless pits society has when it comes to technology and their music launch seems the best next step. but like most people we are already asking: what's next?

It's hard to think about how people got by without the latest technology readily available for their ears. It's even harder to believe that something that wasn't even thought about twice 25 years ago could be the center in someone's murder now. But is shows the demand for advancement...even the sick part.

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