Beats Headphones Incident Gets Happy Ending, but Walmart Has Other Boxing Errors


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Walmart caused major Christmas problems for the Lopez family this year.When Steve Lopez went to Walmart to buy his daughter a pair of Beats Headphones, he got something completely unexpected.All Carmen Lopez, 14, wanted for Christmas was a pair of the Beats by Dre headphones.Prior to Christmas, Lopez ordered  a pair of the expensive headphones. Then he had them delivered to a Marysville, Washington Walmart. Once they arrived, Steve Lopez rushed out to the Walmart to grant his daughter's request.

Of course, Lopez just wrapped the present without inspecting the box. On Christmas day the family was shocked to the point of tears.Carmen was so disappointed that she began crying. Lopez said that "“My daughter was crying … had tears in her eyes.”

Instead of headphones, Carmen found cans of tuna in her Beats by Dre box.When Steve Lopez confronted the Walmart store, they just offered him a refund instead of a new pair of headphones. Understandably, Carmen was still upset.She wanted headphones, not a refund. To add to the family's disappointment,the headphones were discounted, so the refund wasn't enough to buy a new pair.This isn't the first time Walmart had a box switch mess up.In Detroit, Michigan, last year, a woman went to buy an IPad for her daughter, but instead the box was filled with stacks of paper. A similar incident happened again this week  (watch video below for more details).

Carmen's headphones story does have a happy ending.The global sales manager of Beats by Dre, Lindsay Merkle,saw the story on Q13 Fox news. Merkle was in the area visiting her family for the holidays.She felt so bad for the Lopez family that she declared to right Walmart's wrong. She's going to make sure either her or one of her family members brings Carmen her pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

So Carmen's Christmas has a happy ending after all, and Walmart hopefully learns a lesson about inspecting their packages better.

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