Bear Mauls Man in Alaska After He Fed It BBQ

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In things-you-know-you-shouldn't-do-but-do-anyway-and-wind-up-in-the-news news, an Anchorage, Alaska man has been treated and released from a local hospital after he was attacked by a black bear while attending a church picnic at the Eklutna Lake campground.

According to an Alaska State Troopers spokesperson, the man's identity is not being released yet because it's possible he may be charged with a crime - illegally feeding wildlife.

You see, our unknown attackee claims that he ventured into the woods on a bike ride around 5 pm on Saturday. As he left, he took some barbecue with him. Along the way, he came across a black bear.

Here's where things start to turn horribly wrong for our biker. Apparently, he lobbed some barbecue at the bear - who happily ate it up. Our guy then offered some more meat to the bear, but at this point that bear was looking for a different kind of meat.

The bear attacked our biker, puncturing the skin around his jaw and on his back.

Surprisingly, alcohol may have been involved.

Park rangers reportedly found our guy washing blood off himself at the campground.

“He wasn’t terribly coherent,” said a spokesmen for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “He was unsure of where the attack actually happened.”

Don't worry - they don't think the bear has a history or a future in attacking campers.

“The bear was pretty much goaded into this,” said the spokesman.

The black bear, Ursus americanus, is the smallest of all the North American bears. Males can weigh up to 200 pounds. There are over a dozen sub-species of the American black bear, and over 100,000 estimated to inhabit the state of Alaska.

Don't feed the bears. Seriously. It's a pretty solid rule to live by.

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