Bear Eats Man Who Suffered Heart Attack: Why Animal May Be Shot Even Though He Didn't Kill Anyone.

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It's being reported that a black bear ate a Briceland, Calif. man who suffered a fatal heart attack outside his home.

The man has since been identified as Marion Lee Williams.

Williams was believed to have been on his way to check his water supplies prior to his death.

A bear had created a home for itself nearby. When the 65-year-old died, it's believed that the odor of the body may have attracted the bear, which then dragged the man's corpse back to its cave to eat on.

Unfortunately for William's relatives, the animal consumed upwards of 85 percent of the man's body before he could be found.

His family members went to his property to check on him, which led to a horrific discovery.

Officials were able to identify the man thanks to his fingerprints and dental records.

Even though the bear did not kill Marion Lee Williams, authorities were still seeking to euthanize the animal.

The reason is that it's believed that when some predators eat people, it can potentially cause them to become "man eaters". These type of dangerous animals are known to attack humans more frequently.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife had sought out the bear for the purpose of euthanasia, but the animal was said to be "long gone" before officials had the chance to do so.

Despite some public concerns about this gruesome situation, California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan said that he doesn't believe the bear to be a serious danger.

"It was just doing what bears do," Hughan said of the black bear's actions.

As for Williams, it's believed one of the major reasons it took so long for authorities and his family to learn of his fate was his remote location.

Williams reportedly lived "off the grid", keeping largely to himself.

Though he was last seen on October 8, his friends and family didn't report him as missing until Saturday.

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