"Beanie Babies Hunger Games" Video Sweeps Web

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With the uber-success of "The Hunger Games" last weekend--it was the biggest opening for a non-sequel film and the third biggest of all time at $155 million--lots of people are seizing the opportunity to have their own 15 minutes of fame while the iron is still hot.

The internet is ablaze with parodies of the book and film, such as "The Hunger Games Parody" and a riff on a Britney Spears song that gives a funny take on the movie.

Even the Muppets have gotten in on the act:

But perhaps the most viral of them all is a video which features several Beanie Babies playing the parts of the characters, starring--wait for it--Katniss Everbean.

The video--which was uploaded by "The Online Musical"--is over eleven minutes long and does a pretty good job of condensing the film, even managing some production value. It clearly took a lot of work, which you can appreciate even if you're a hardcore fan of the actual movie. And, obviously, it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Amanda Crum
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