Battlefield Friends Accurately Portrays Playing With Noobs

The thing about the Battlefield series that is so great is that it really unlike most every first person shooter that has ever been invented. Because of this, the game can have a steep learning curve....
Battlefield Friends Accurately Portrays Playing With Noobs
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  • The thing about the Battlefield series that is so great is that it really unlike most every first person shooter that has ever been invented. Because of this, the game can have a steep learning curve. The boys over at the Hank and Jed Youtube page have harnessed what is some of the most frustrating and most common things to take place in Battlefield 3.

    WebProNews reached out to Hank and Jed animator Brent Triplett to ask him a few questions about the series. Here is what he had to say:

    WebProNews: What inspired you to make these videos?

    Brent Triplett: The first episode (First Flight) was made without knowing it would later turn into a series. I just recently started playing Battlefield and desperately wanted to fly a helicopter. However I knew I was pissing people off whenever I would try. We are on console and there were not any rented servers at the time, so basically I had to just ignore the fact that I was pissing everyone off and learn to fly. Once the episode was animated I was pretty sure I could turn this into a series because I had angered seasoned BF3 players off in many other ways while gaining experience. Machinima said “Let’s see how episode 1 does before committing to more episodes. Episode one was a success and now BFFs is a series.

    WPN: All I could think about while watching them is “That is exactly what happens every time I play with a noob.” Is that what you were going for?

    BT: We are going for any experience in BF that other players will relate too. Everyone has been derailed by a noob and I know just about every way because I’ve done it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but in hindsight it became clear. We also focus on other situations such as over powered weapons, glitches or even trolling.

    WPN: How long have you guys been Battlefield fans?

    BT: A few of our team members have been playing for years, but most of us just started playing this year. That makes writing the noob very easy. I honestly didn’t enjoy the game when I first played it. However my friend insisted

    WPN: Do you have any upcoming projects we can look out for?

    BT: We are currently finishing our first animated feature titled “Toonstone” that will hopefully be coming out in the next year. Also we are working hard at bringing back another series that has been on hiatus for way too long now titled “Doraleous and Associates”

    The video series is 7 episodes deep with new episodes coming out every Friday on Machinma.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 1: First Flight

    The most complex mechanic in the Battlefield universe is flying. If you can get a hold of it, you can literally dominate every match with a helicopter or a jet. The problem is that there are so many new people in the game, and flying in this game is such a satisfying experience, that everyone runs for a helicopter or a jet. Even people who spin around in circles or immediately crash into the ground.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 2: Silent Sniper

    This one kills me because it has two things that are great. One is the damn flashlight which thankfully no one uses anymore. The second one that got me was the noob throwing the pack in front of the sniper. I cannot tell you how many times that this has happened to me while playing as a sniper/support.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 3: USAS 12+Frags

    This one is less relevant now since the patch. Before the patch, the USAS-12 was god-like. Too many times I’d walk into a bottleneck and clear out a room of 4+ people with only one clip.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 4: Revive

    The whole idea of reviving a guy who got shot with paddles is funny. In Battlefield this is exactly what you do. Some medics assault will revive you even if there is an enemy directly in front of them. Eliminate the threat, then bring me back to life.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 5: Mine Games

    LOL, That is all.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 6: Full Tank

    Ugh, noobs have the hardest time with the whole, stealing vehicles thing. Now it is to the point that even if you are with a member of a different squad, you can get along to fix and maintain the destruction.

    Battlefield Friends Episode 7: Join The Battle

    A definite swipe at the mostly crappy matchmaking that DICE has for it’s servers. It would have been even better and more realistic if they all spawned into separate squads, with one player on the other team. Then when they finally get into a squad, it ends.

    Here is the team behind the great clips:

    Cast and Crew List
    Noob / Animator – Brent Triplett
    Engineer – Jon Etheridge
    Recon – Tony Schnur
    Assault – Nate Panning
    Various Voices – Bryan Mahoney
    Lip Sync Artist – Sheila Brothers

    These guys have done a fantastic job of capturing the frustration and hilarity that Battlefield 3 has to offer. Support what they do by going to watch their videos as much as possible.

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