Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Has Weaponized Hovercraft

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Hovercraft are inherently silly. It's a boat that's trying to be a land vehicle. They aren't intimidating at all, but you can try to make them fearsome in the latest DLC for Battlefield 4.

EA and DICE announced today that the latest DLC to hit Battlefield 4 is called Naval Strike. As its name implies, it will feature large scale naval battles between battleships, pontoons, helicopters and the aforementioned hovercraft. In fact, the hovercraft seem to present some interesting strategies as the vehicles can move on land and sea.

Interestingly enough, one of the maps takes place at an old naval fort with 19th century cannons stationed on the walls. Players can actually use these cannons to take down enemy aircraft and even get more points for doing so. The new weapon has potential for loads of great YouTube moments.

Of course, the new DLC brings up a most pressing question - is Battlefield 4 fixed yet? EA and DICE were the subject of a lot of criticism at Battlefield 4's launch due to the game's multiplayer component being nigh unplayable for some people. DICE responded by saying that it would put all of its DLC plans on hold to fix the main game back in December. It's been four months since then and some would probably argue that the game still isn't flawless. It has even attracted a class action lawsuit from EA's investors.

In related news, EA is in the running for the Consumerist's Worst Company in America Competition for the third year in a row. The company has won the golden poo for the past two years. Will it be able to avoid a third or will EA suffer humiliation yet again?

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