Battlefield 4: China Rising Gets A Launch Trailer

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Battlefield 4 fans who decided to fork over an extra $50 for a year's worth of downloadable content are finally being rewarded today with the release of the first DLC pack for DICE's new shooter. The pack - China Rising - includes four new maps that take place in - you guessed it - China.

For those getting China Rising today, you will get the following four maps - Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass. The maps, like all of Battlefield 4's maps, promise to be expansive, destructible and feature a levolution event that will drastically alter how players maneuver through the map.

Aside from the new maps, the China Rising DLC pack also includes five new weapons, two new vehicles and two new gadgets. Of particular interest are the two new vehicles - one is the dirt bike from Battlefield 3 while another is an aerial bomber that can be deployed when players take control of a map's control center. As for gadgets, support-class players can now deploy unmanned combat aerial vehicles while recon-class players can deploy small, unmanned aerial vehicles.

Here's the first trailer that shows the new maps in action:

China Rising is available today on all platforms for those who purchased Battlefield Premium. It will be available to everybody else on December 17 and retail for $15.

[Image: Official EA UK/YouTube]

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