Battlefield 3 Helps You Have A Perfect Loadout


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Grip, bipod, laser, flashlight, heavy barrel, silencer, flash suppressor. There are so many things that you can choose, that if you can find the perfect balance, you will have the opportunity to truly dominate in Battlefield 3. In the new episode of "Inside Dice" the once mighty developers go in depth to help you understand the accessories that are perfect for your type of gameplay.

The balancing act has always been a tough one for DICE to achieve and then maintain. Mostly it is due to the overwhelming amount of options and destructibility. When you mix these 2 together, it makes for a difficult task. Once you balance any one weapon, you have to look at every other accessory on every map to see if it will disrupt the balance that is desperately needed. For example, they just completely nerfed the Frag rounds and slowed down the rate of fire when the USAS-12 is using them. In doing so they made using that type of round almost completely useless. Why have it in the game? There needs to be more balance.

In this episode, DICE goes in depth about their accessories. They give 5 good loadouts for 5 very distinctive ways of gaming:

Jack of All Trades: Primary accessory: Foregrip, Secondary accessory: Flash Suppressor

Short Range Stealth: Primary accessory: Foregrip, Secondary accessory: Suppressor

Hip Fire Run and Gun: Primary accessory: Foregrip, Secondary accessory: Laser Sight

Medium Range Marksman: Primary accessory: Foregrip, Secondary accessory: Heavy Barrel

Long Range Marksman: Primary accessory: Bipod, Secondary accessory: Heavy Barrel

Pick any one of these 5 loadouts for how you play the game and you should be able to dominate.