Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Now Available For All On PS3


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For those of you who are either wary about the new Battlefield 3: Premium, or those of you who like it but think it is too expensive, the new expansion pack that was previously only available for Battlefield 3: Premium members is now available for all Playstation 3 owners. The map pack still has 1 week of console exclusivity left on it before it goes to the PC and Xbox 360.

The new map pack titled Close Quarters, features 4 small maps with the focus being on person to person combat. The pure amount of destruction in the levels has been increased due to the complete lack of vehicles or rolling vistas.

Before you start complaining about how this isn't Battlefield, they are planning on making up for it with the next expansion pack that will be titled "Armored Kill," it will feature maps that are geared towards vehicle combat. Some are expecting more maps like the "Heavy Metal" map from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. After that there will be 2 more map packs that will be released, with the very last one coming in March of 2013 that will feature dirt bikes for the first time!

Check out the trailer for "Close Quarters" below: