Bathing Suits & Models: Target's Photoshop Apology

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"These ideals are so unreal that even models and beauty icons can’t meet these standards."

Target is under fire for an obvious Photoshop fail on their website last week.

The online ad, which advertises a new style of bathing suit for juniors called a "Midkini," not only shows off the leopard print design, but also an obvious flub.

"Someone decided it would be a good idea to crudely take the erase tool to what looks like a teen model’s hips, arms, and most notably crotch to create a thigh gap," TIME reported. "It’s sloppy, and demonstrates an unhealthy depiction of a human body all at the same time!"

That's right. The bathing suit model, although beautiful without any alterations, had some of the extra skin in her armpit and hips removed from the photo by a photo editor.

Lexie and Lindsey Kite, creators of Beauty Redefined, posted a statement on their Facebook page about the controversy.

Soon after, Target spokesman Evan Miller issued an apology to ABC News.

“It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We removed the image from the site and we’re working to get a new image up there," Miller said.

The image is now corrected on Target's website, but consumers and body image defenders are still criticizing the company.

"If it weren't part of an ongoing attempt to mould unrealistic bodies in fashion marketing, it would almost be funny," The Ethical Adman, who first spotted the flub, wrote on his blog.

"These latest examples from Target are so egregious that we're hoping they're an act of rebellion from someone on the inside!" said Lexie and Lindsey Kite.

Hopefully the "thigh gap" fad will end soon because, ladies, no matter how many Kegal exercises you do, it's unlikely you will achieve this unnatural rhombus-shaped trend.

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