Bath Salts Make New Mom Violent In Hospital

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Yes, one more bath salts story, in case you weren't terrified enough.

This one doesn't involve face-chewing or flesh eating of any kind, if that makes you feel any better. It does, however, strengthen the argument that bath salts should probably be banned.

New mom Carla Murphy of Altoona, Pennsylvania, was charged with smoking the synthetic drug just two days after giving birth to her son last month, while still under the hospital's care. She's also been charged with aggravated assault after she attacked various staff members in the maternity ward, which included kicking a nurse in the chest, when they tried to subdue her. The antics started when she refused to answer questions about why she was suddenly sweaty and aggressive; she stripped naked, began yelling and cursing at the nurses, and then rolled around on the bathroom floor to prove how serious she was. When they couldn't get her under control, police were called, and she pulled the same behavior with them, only she tried to bite one of the officers. She later admitted to smoking "Disco", a form of bath salts.

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With the exception of having just given birth, all of those things is strikingly similar to behavior exhibited by several other people across the country in recent months. And although the story that started it all was that of Rudy Eugene--the man who chewed about 75% of a homeless man's face off in a bizarre attack that left him dead--and toxicology reports later cleared Eugene of ingesting anything other than marijuana, a whole lot of other people have admitted to taking bath salts after after being taken into custody for violent actions.

So what does all this mean? I wish I knew. But it seems like officials should be taking this way more seriously than they are. And as someone who doesn't advocate the use of drugs, I still have to wonder what all the fuss is about the legalization of marijuana when bath salts are contributing to these terrifying acts of violence.

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