Baseball Fandom Map Based on Facebook Likes Looks Pretty Accurate

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Facebook is great for a lot of things, and it's also really bad for a lot of things. If you hate babies, stay away. If you just had your heart broken, stay away. If you don't want people to know everything about you and your daily routine, stay away.

Let's put this in the good aspects of Facebook category.

With over a billion users, Facebook is a wonderful place for data enthusiasts, and the Facebook "like" is basically one giant survey. Facebook's data science team routinely utilizes all of this "like" data to bring us interesting maps and charts that show regional differences in areas like sports, politics, culture, and more.

Now, they've given us this really cool map of the U.S. based on MLB team affiliation.

"MLB Opening Day is here, and the Facebook data team is releasing a map that shows where baseball fans live based on which team they 'like.' Each county is color-coded based on which official MLB team page has the most Facebook likes from people who live in that county," says Facebook. Broken down to the county level, Facebook data gives us a highly detailed map of baseball fandom.

And basically shows us that there are way too many Yankees fans out there that have no business liking the Yankees. Sheesh.

Images via Sports on Facebook, Wikimedia Commons

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