Banned Condom Super Bowl Ad, Liam Neeson's Scotch, & Snow Scooters

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Today’s videos feature an amazing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire story teller, Michael Winslow doing video games, Unicorns humping dolphins, and the making of a wooden lamp shade.

Is it real? Most signs point to yes, and hopefully it is. Should it have been aired during the Super Bowl? I'll leave that up to you. Either way, this commercial definitely went the dark comedy route.

Fact: Liam Neeson, throughout this entire segment just sips on his (what is hopefully) scotch, chews on a coffee stirrer; it's already more badass than full shows on television. Neeson is truly a boss. The rest of the segment is funny too.

Nothing else to say, it's a video of a scooter going 70mph in the snow.

The stories which led to the answers in Slumdog Millionaire have nothing on Joann Chan from Brooklyn, NY.

This video is proof that we sports fans (I'm self admitted) are some of the dumbest people on the planet. And to the guy who still has his Christmas tree up in February...COME ON MAN.

I definitely empathize with being a synaesthete.

Synaesthesia from Nikko Hull on Vimeo.

What happened to Michael Winslow appearing in films? Yes, he has a one note schtick...but it's a funny one note schtick. You're telling me you wouldn't want him to make a cameo in Hangover III?

Now, this commercial should have aired during the Super Bowl. Humping a dolphin, humping a dolphin...get a tattoo!

Who knew watching a wooden lampshade being made would be so interesting and hypnotic...

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