Bank Robbers Google 'What Happens If You Rob a Bank' Because of Course They Did

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There's a joke out there that most internet users would rather die that have their Google search history revealed to the public. Or, there's a version where the final request from a dying man is "bro, please delete my search history."

But it's not just death that requires a history flush. Robbing a bank should probably make you want to get rid of your past searches - especially if those searches literally include "what happens when you rob a bank?"

Enter our three bank-robbing geniuses, Sarah J. McLoud, Robert W. Owens, 28, and Daniel M. Murphy, 30. On October 11th, they allegedly entered the Weymouth Bank at 10:45 am and robbed the place of an undetermined amount of cash.

A few hours later, police were knocking down the door of McLoud and Owens' place of residence, after spotting McLoud on the bank's surveillance footage and recognizing her as the subject of an ongoing heroin distribution investigation.

Once inside, the police found that the following, totally un-made-up searches had recently been performed on their computer:

What happens if you rob a bank? What happens if you rob a house? What happens if you rob a drug dealer? and If you’re going to rob a bank.

Google is a treasure trove of information, there's no doubt about that. Apparently they failed to find the result about avoiding getting caught.

Although the Google searches were no doubt illuminating, it doesn't seem like the police really needed them to convince themselves they'd found the right bank robbers.

"Detectives recovered the clothing that McLoud was wearing during the bank robbery. They also recovered the cash that was taken from the bank robbery. Detectives also located a significant quantity of heroin packaged for sale," says the Weymouth Police Department.

So, it seems the Google searches were just icing on the heroin cake.

Josh Wolford
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