Band Lets You Control How Drunk They Are in New Interactive Music Video

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U.K. band Moones have just put out arguably one of the most original music videos in the YouTube video era. On the surface, it's simply the band playing their new song "Better Energy" in a single room. But upon further inspection, you realize that you have to ability to change one little aspect of the performance with a click of your mouse.

Moones has allowed you, the viewer, to control just how drunk they all are during the video. You can switch it around to make them perform the song after no beers, 20 beers, 40 beers, 60 beers, or 80 beers. We're hoping that's an aggregate figure here. At the 80 beers setting, everyone seems a bit more loose. Since there are 5 band members, that means that by that point, each member had drank about 16 beers.

Good times.

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