Bam Margera Catches Hell For Gun Pics

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Professional Jackass--and sometime skater--Bam Margera found himself in some hot water recently after posting some controversial images on Twitter.

Margera and some friends were playing with a fake gun and documenting the fun when a cat and puppy got involved, which caused a wave of backlash on various social media sites and garnered a statement from the ASPCA about animal cruelty, which said that Margera was "not funny" and had "missed the mark" with his antics.

Margera apologized later, saying he was unaware of a recent string of animal-cruelty related incidents near his hometown and reiterating that while he was joking, he doesn't even own a gun and would never inflict harm upon an animal.

"Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more," he said.

He also pointed out that most of his 800,000+ followers on Twitter "knows my Jackass joking kind of humor".

Interestingly, the photos of Bam pointing a gun at various people barely caused a stir.





Amanda Crum
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