"Bajirao Mastani" Portrays Forbidden Muslim-Hindu Romance, Lacks Substance

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Bajirao Mastani is a Bollywood romance set in 18-century India, in which a Hindu man (Bajirao) and a Muslim woman (Mastani) fall in love. Bajirao gives Mastani his sword, which in her kingdom represents marriage.

Before their romance develops, however, movie-goers first meet Mastani as a fierce warrior who saves the life of equally fierce Bajirao. This takes place on a battlefield where arrows are whipping past her head.

“Mastani writes her own destiny,” the female warrior says.

Things don't quite go her way, however.

Bajirao Mastani is rather lacking in its plot--at least according to the New York Times. What it does afford its viewers, however, is amazing scenery. They are treated to glimpses of rich fabrics inside a palace of sparkling mirrors. They see ornate floral paintings on the walls.

The New York Times adds that the "defiant lovers" in Bajirao Mastani aren't convincing--and they're not nearly as appealing as the "rooms they inhabit or the clothes they wear."

Their review sums up Bajirao Mastani by saying the film lacks both "warmth and a touch of humor."

Deepika Padukone stars as Mastani, playing opposite Ranveer Singh's Bajirao.

If you're a Bollywood fan, it doesn't sound like Bajirao Mastani has enough to offer that warrants a trip to the theater.

Perhaps this is one to wait for online or on DVD?

Kimberly Ripley
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