'Bad Grandpa' No. 1 At The Box Office

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Bad Grandpa -- featuring Johnny Knoxville and child actor, Jackson Nicoll made $32 million its opening weekend to claim the No. 1 spot at the box office.

The 3D space epic Gravity, dropped to No. 2, earning just over $20 million this week. Gravity is expected to reach over $200 million domestically sometime early next week. The movie did exceptionally well at the box office, where it was the top earning movie for three weeks prior to Bad Grandpa. So far Gravity raked in $164 million internationally and nearly $364 million worldwide.

Bad Grandpa stars Johnny Knoxville as a grumpy 86-year-old grandpa named Irving Zisman. The film also features co-star Jackson Nicoll who plays Zisman's  8-year-old Grandson, Billy. The twosome set out on a road trip across America, playing practical jokes and punking unsuspecting people. On their road trip, they come across a cast of interesting characters, including male strippers, bikers and testy child beauty pageant contestants.

Though Bad Grandpa did well in its first week, it fell way behind the last Jackass film. Jackass 3D premiered in October of 2010 and earned a whopping $50.4 million in its opening week. Jackass: Number Two debut in September 2006, earning $29 million and Jackass: The Movie (the first Jackass) debut in October 2002, earning $23 million.

Before the Jackass movies hit the silver screen, Jackass was a reality series that originally aired on MTV in 2000. The TV show featured people performing crude and often dangerous stunts and pranks. The TV show was successful and lead to the movies being made.

Rob Moore, Paramount Pictures Vice President, says that the latest iteration of Jackass is more of a spin-off rather than a continuation of the franchise. Unlike the first three Jackass movies, Bad Grandpa has a storyline instead of just the usually practical jokes and mayhem. Moore likened Bad Grandpa to Borat than the other three Jackass films.

"The movie is executed ala Borat, where Knoxville's character is interacting with real people and doing crazy things," said Moore. According to Moore Bad Grandpa played better to an older audience (only 37 percent of Bad Grandpas audience was under 25, in comparison to Jackass 3D's 69 percent)

Bad Grandpa also did well overseas where it debut to $8 million from 16 territories, about equal to Jackass 3D and much bigger than Jackass: Number Two.


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