Back To The Future: A Time Travel Outline [Infographic]

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As a fan of many time-travel-based movies, the well-known Back To The Future trilogy would have be my favorite. The movie does a great job at portraying society and technology in all of the times that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to, spanning from the "old west" (1985) to life with flying cars and hover boards. With all of the time travel that occurs during the three movies, have you ever wondered how all of the times visit overlap?

For those who are wondering how time travel works, I will let Doc Brown illustrate his theory:

Below, I have provided an elaborate infographic from rmmojado that displays how the trilogy's characters (Einstein, Marty, Doc, Jennifer, and Biff) travel through time and how their traveling overlaps throughout their journeys in the DeLorean.


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