Baby Graves Found in Family Back Yard

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According to AFP News, Australian police are digging up a family backyard, looking for what has been described as "multiple secret baby graves".

In what sounds like the makings of a scene from "True Detective", police are looking for tiny burial spots after receiving a tip that the family had secretly borne multiple babies that had then disappeared.

"I can confirm we are conducting investigations into information received regarding allegations a number of child births have been concealed on the property," Detective Inspector Mick Dowie told news agencies.

While Dowie did confirm that there was one family involved int he investigation, he did not reveal whether the family was cooperating with the investigation or not, referring simply to the fact that police had been left to do their own digging.

"You can draw your own conclusions from the fact that we're doing an excavation," he said.

Australian News reports that the investigation began on one property, but has recently been expanded to a second property owned by the couple.

Some neighbors have described the couple as "weird" and "religious", and that they were the first to come to mind when they heard that something was up in the area. But other neighbors have said they were "terrific". Some wondered at the likelihood that the couple could have done anything this bizarre.

"We don’t know what to make of it. We can’t imagine what to make of it. Obviously coppers don’t go to these lengths unless they’ve looked at it and consider it worthwhile,” one neighbor said.

The area where the police are digging is know as Gin Gin, Queensland, and is about 230 outside of Brisbane, Australia. It is a rural locale with sugarcane plantations and cattle ranches throughout the area, but the total population is only about 1000 persons.

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