Baby Bactrian Camel Makes Public Debut At Zoo

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A rare baby camel that was born at the Budapest Zoo has made his first public appearance. The baby Bactrian camel was born on April 9 to an eight year old camel who lives at the Budapest Zoo as well. The baby’s father was from another zoo.

The baby camel is named Ilias and his family has been living at the Budapest Zoo for years. The Budapest Zoo opened in 1866, and is one of the world's oldest zoos.

Bactrian camels are endangered and there are very few still left in the wild. The live in the Gobi and Gashun Gobi deserts of northwest China and Mongolia and unlike Arabian camels which have one hump, Bactrian camels have two humps.

While Ilias’s birth was celebrated, there were some minor complications.

"When he was born there were problems, the baby was looking for milk from the mother, but as this was her first baby she had no experience," Zoltan Hanga, a spokesperson for Budapest Zoo said. "Us zookeepers had to hold down the mother and gently help the baby to feed."

Ilias is doing great now and his debut at the zoo was a hit. While not everyone was able to see the baby camel up close, pictures of him spread quickly online and people shared their excitement of the new birth on Twitter and other social networks.

There are less than 1,000 Bactrian camels living in the wild today. The Cincinnati Zoo welcomed the birth of a baby Bactrian camel in February.

The baby Bactrian camel is also a male and is named Jack. Jack also has an older step brother that was born in 2012.

What do you think of the newborn Bactrian camel babies?

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