Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Ad Proves To Be A Hit

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When you think of Super Bowl ads, you think beer commercials and/or car commercials. However, one surprising Super Bowl ad is stealing the show. Avocados from Mexico unveiled their “First Draft Ever” ad spot that features Jerry Rice, Doug Flutie, and a Cro-Magnon providing analysis for the first draft ever in the history of the world. In the commercial, the Kangaroo was drafted by Australia eliciting cheers from Rice and Flutie.

The Avocados from Mexico ad pokes fun at the sloth as it gets chosen by Brazil for its draft pick. "Off-the-field issues," Rice says. While Flutie remarks, “Not a locker-room guy.” The United States selects wheat while the commercial ends with Mexico swooping in with a late-round steal after a trade to grab the avocado.

According to reports, avocados have ascended through the ranks of America’s new favorite fruit. With it being a prime ingredient for Guacamole, it seems Avocados from Mexico found their perfect audience with the Super Bowl crowd.

The Super Bowl ad was just the first part of Avocados from Mexico’s new ad campaign. The hashtag #FirstDraftEver is also part of the company’s social media push. Aside from the TV spot, more videos were made by the Austin-based creative agency, GSD&M.

Alongside the viral marketing and the Super Bowl ad, the website for Avocados from Mexico also underwent an overhaul. Seven videos will also be appearing online via Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Super Bowl ad spots are some the most desirable TV spots for companies to unleash their ad campaigns, what with the number of viewers that tune in to the Super Bowl every year. It continues to be a successful platform for everyone from companies releasing their new ad campaigns or film studios unveiling new footage and trailers for their upcoming films. So this is definitely good news for Avocados from Mexico.

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